Sok inggris: This is how dream devastated

Lately when I read if it was not about natural disasters and government's repeated blunders on handling them, it was about corruptions. For months the news highlights scumbag Gayus Tambunan and the untouchable by law, the richest man (in Indonesia or probably SE Asia), the man who should responsible for Lapindo (Porong) disaster, the former ministry of welfare, the current leader of Golkar party, the ALMIGHTY Aburizal Bakrie. Bakrie is the grafter to Gayus in recently massive tax deviation for his giant corporation.

Arguably there is (of course) tons of another Gayus lurking but feel overconfident to just keep doing their systematic crime. Gayus the scum could made "easy hot" money accounted for (debatable) $10M just from Bakrie Group. While Bakrie himself might be run for future presidential election, this rich bastard not even solve the porong's mud lake case (caused by his own subsidiary company) which suffer hundred thousand victim whence he claimed himself the ministry of welfare. The judge, prosecutor and police can be easily bought by these Bakrietards. His immunity to law also like no others. Gayus even bribe the prison head guard to gain his "free" weekend vacation while still in imprisonment. This man never regret his act like hara-kiri act in japan after all who will reject money? his money is the same amount as the government had to compensate for the dying livestocks of Mount Merapi's wrath victims which is far too late to be done now.

The gross and evident corruptions are used to be solved by still-trusted fearless KPK but the law's illness will keep these commodity case away from KPK. How much money gone to this fucktards everyday? How more precious assets being sold out by our government? How many smart people will keep flee from Indonesia to catch their dreams? How long will the elderly keep poisoning the youngster? Even I keep my skeptic toward current generation who has soaring consumerism and glamor attitude or else a baby boomer generation (not by number of child but from early marriage) or a losing identity generation. The continuous natural disaster is far from lucky fairness anyway with most victims were the poor.

All majority people in every party and legislation is a complete clown, they start out by making debt, working to pay debt, corrupting to gain profit, went insane if failed to be one (I'm serious). One of their joke lately is "If we want to learn democracy we should visit to where "demos" and "krathos" belong to, Greece!" WTF! Can't they learn to use the internet? Nope, oh maybe they will misclick porn link instead (because they only understand picture not english words) and then start calling bitches (for the males) to their office. And surprise! this bitch one day make their way to legislation chair too! alongside dozen of sex bombshell actress and incompetent actors. Government department is filled by degenerate workers who hunt for pension and easy monotonous job. Government is also well known for their excellent piety based on unfounded pathetic religious/myth crap.  Ministers keep polluting television for promoting an act they may not achieved yet. Researcher (IMO the most important human resources) is never have proportional attention by government and keep fleeing abroad which sometime won't ever look back in advance (maybe they think: for what? for being born there?). Oh and by becoming corruptor, if you get caught you just get 3 or 4 years in jail (minus that with revision for "good" behavior) and add the ability to decorate or fully renovate your own prison into hotel (It happening!) is certainly no big deal right?

The secret why this keep happening? The government keep the people (where uneducated still majority) dumbfucked and poor. Yeah, like I ever give a vote since I eligible to! The government reliance to western (even Malay) while at the same time rarely learn their fault is a sweet combination. A pity nation which could be a great power by now. Grieving sad! I wonder what people of Papua, Maluku and Nusa Tenggara think about it? They are the most neglected area by the government anyway.

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